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Treatex UV Oil is our next generation clear UV protective finish, offering excellent protection against the bleaching effect of the suns Ultra Violet rays. It penetrates deeply into timber surfaces and, in a similar way to bark, attaches to the wood capillaries providing protection against extreme climate conditions.

Manufactured on a base of refined natural oils such as soybean and sunflower oil and waxes, Treatex UV Oil is designed for use on most vertical timbers and applications (excluding horizontal surfaces such as decking and walkways) and can be used over Treatex Exterior Oils and Classic Colour Collection. Treatex UV Oil is the ideal finish for cladding, doors, windows and other exterior joinery.

  • UV resistant clear finish

  • Highly water resistant

  • Suitable for outdoor use

  • Direct replacement of External Oak Protection

  • Easy to apply

  • Suitable for most exterior timbers

  • Can be used over External Oak colours / Exterior Oils / Classic Colour Collection

  • Not suitable for use on horizontal surfaces

Suitable for: External use

Recommended timbers: Suitable for use on most timbers - please check if unsure. Timbers with a high tannin content such as air dried Oak may still leach tannin in the early stages.

Applications: Claddings, doors, windows. shingles and other exterior joinery - not suitable for decking or other walkways - horizontal timbers may wear sooner.

1L will cover approximately 25m² in one coat depending on timber and method of application (rough sawn/planed may consume more).
2.5L will cover approximately 50m² in one coat depending on timber and method of application (rough sawn/planed may consume more).

UV oil can be applied for further UV protection over: Exterior Oils and Classic Colour Collection

UV oil should be applied as a top coat over: External Oak Colours

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