Premium - Our premium cladding, decking and tongue and groove boards will consist of one heartwood face as a minimum, be dimensionally accurate throughout the length of the board and have only very limited and small dead knots.
Our premium post and beam and framing are 100% heart wood to give a highly durable product with a uniform colour throughout.
Perfect for external use and no need to add any level of treatment.
Each board is individually visually graded to ensure they meet the premium standard.
Standard - Our standard grade boards are perfectly good boards, dimensionally accurate but will contain sapwood on all faces and possible some dead knots.
Standard grade cladding and decking can be used externally but we would recommend they are sheltered from the worst of the rain or treated with a protective oil or paint to prolong their life.
Standard grade post and beam and framing is ideal for internal structural use; timber frame builds, carcassing, wall frames, lintels etc.
(The lighter part of the wood is sapwood)