Shadow Gap - Planed (Premium)

Species: Larch
Cross-section: 140 x 22
Length: 1.8
Sale price£7.87


All softwood is cut to order to get the very best quality. Turn around is usually approx 3 weeks. Delivery is priced after your order is made and you'll be contacted with a quote; if however you choose not to go ahead upon receipt, we will refund you straight away.

Shadow gap is a planed profile which gives a smooth uniform finish but requires an extra few processes from us in the sawmill, hence the cost is higher than our off saw range.

Shadow gap can be fitted both horizontally and vertically, but horizontally is most common.

Its profile gives a modern, clean look and is designed so that water runs well off the gap with no way of it getting up and inside the boards.

We offer 45x45mm, 55x27mm and 55x32mm battens for fitting. There are many different options when it comes to attaching horizontal shadow gap to the walls, the standard method is to use vertical 45x45mm battens at 600mm spacing, attaching the cladding boards to the outside.

Stainless steel fixings are recommended and Treatex treatment options are available if you want to add a little extra colour or protection to the boards.

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