Post & Beam - Planed (Standard)

Species: Larch
Cross-section: 95 x 95
Length: 3.6
Sale price£32.40


All softwood is cut to order to get the very best quality. Turn around is usually approx 3 weeks. Delivery is priced after your order is made and you'll be contacted with a quote; if however you choose not to go ahead upon receipt, we will refund you straight away.

Post-and-beam construction uses large, widely-spaced wooden members to provide structural support and effectively creates a frame into which walls are then ‘placed’. With the beams carrying the load of the roof, it is not essential to have large numbers of interior walls, so it is an excellent construction method for open-plan homes. Different columns (the ‘posts’) and  beams act as structural support for vertical loads, while sometimes diagonal posts are required for lateral loads. The posts  and beams act as ‘carriers’ for any exterior cladding or finish, and for the interior walls if there are any. They also provide space for insulation.

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