Hunter Head Torch White and Red Light

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The smaller cousin of the Silverpoint Scout XL230 head torch, this XL120RL is a refined and powerful addition to the family with a 120 lumen light omission which offers a great value entry

Sending a 70m beam with its white light, it also features red side lights too which provides a working option to see comfortably and safely in night or low light conditions, especially whilst using night vision goggles

With its IPX6 rating this Hunter Headtorch red light a well protected and great performer under wet or moisture rich environments too, making this a versatile addition to your venture 

Product Specification
• 120 Lumens Headtorch
• Material: ABS
• Bulb type: 3 watt white LED and 5mm red side LED's
• Maximum output: 120 lumen white light
• Operating modes: High > medium > blinking > off Red light > blinking > off
• Burn time: 5hrs high, 30 hrs on side LED's
• Waterproofness: IPX6
• Battery type: 3 x AAA(Included)
• Distance: Up to 70 meters
• Product size: 59 x 42 x 33mm
• Product weight: 83g including batteries

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