Feuerhand Lamp Oil

Size: 1L
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The Feuerhand lamp oil is the ideal base for your storm lantern. Due to the high degree of purity of the liquid fuel, the wick can optimally soak up, which extends the life of the lamp wick. In addition, the lamp oil burns almost soot-free. The colorless and odorless liquid fuel ensures a particularly uniform flame pattern and gives your Baby Special 276 a particularly long burn time of up to 20 hours with just one tank filling.

The cap with integrated child safety lock prevents leakage and unwanted opening. This allows the lamp oil to be stored and used safely. The filler neck at the bottle opening facilitates the clean and drip-free filling of your storm lantern via the tank opening. The Feuerhand lamp oil supports the longevity of your Feuerhand storm lantern and ensures long-lasting light in your outdoor place of well-being.

Suitable for all strong light lamps and kerosene lamps.

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