Exterior Oils

Size: 2.5L
Colour: Copper Bay
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Treatex Exterior Oils are manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials including Sunflower oil, Soy-bean oil, natural waxes and are free of toxic substances. Treatex Exterior Oils are the ideal new or renovation finish for decking, cladding, doors, windows, garden structures and other exterior joinery. 

Treatex Exterior Oils penetrate deeply into timber surfaces and in a similar way to bark, attach to the wood capillaries providing protection against extreme climate conditions through a highly water repellent, weather and UV resistant* surface that can prevent the formation of cracks and swelling in the surface after treatment. 

*please note: Clear is not a UV protective finish and timbers treated only with Clear will break down and bleach in sunlight much quicker than any of the other options in the range. Clear should only be used to overcoat one of the colour options in the Exterior Oils range. For a near clear finish with UV protection, please use ‘Sheer’ or for the best protection, use one of our more pigmented options.

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