Brushed Decking - Planed (Standard)

Species: Douglas Fir
Cross-Section: 140 x 27
Length: 1.8
Sale price£8.11


All softwood is cut to order to get the very best quality. Turn around is usually approx 3 weeks. Delivery is priced after your order is made and you'll be contacted with a quote; if however you choose not to go ahead upon receipt, we will refund you straight away.

We offer three different profiles of decking- smooth, grooved or brushed top face. All options come with anti-cupping groves on the base.

Our standard length of cladding is 4.8m long but we also offer 3.6m and 6.1m if stocks allow.

We recommend a 5mm gap between the decking boards and 400mm spacing between the joists. It is also important to build in a slight angle on the deck so the water can run off and not sit and pool on the boards.

Coated or stainless decking fixings are a must to avoid any issues in the future.

Treatment of the boards isn’t absolute necessary as the larch is a naturally durable timber, but some form of treatment is recommended to extend the life of the deck and improve traction on wet boards.

Treatex produce a specific anti-slip decking oil which provides a clear anti-slip finish, it can be applied over a coloured coat and does not have a gritty feel under foot.

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