ABRANET Roll 115mm x 2.5m

Grit: P120
Sale price£13.95


The Mirka Abranet sanding rolls 115mm x 2.5m have been developed to prepare surfaces faster and more efficiently. It does not clog and can be washed with water and re-used making it extremely long lasting.

This patented long lasting abrasive has been specially designed with thousands of small holes, which enables dust free sanding with dust efficiently extracted into a dust extraction machine. It means there are no harmful dust particles in the air, making for a cleaner and healthier working environment.

The roll can be used with any grip sanding tool, just cut it down to size.

Designed with a hook and eye backing, Mirka Abranet is suitable for sanding paint, primers, plaster, putty, lacquers, wood and a wide range of other materials.

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