Svartbrun Tjara 2.7L

Size: 2.7L
Finish: Svartbrun Tjara
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Auson Black brown is a real wooden tar with both black and brown pigment. Black-brown wood tar gives a softer impression than Auson Black Tar. We call Svartbrun the architect's choice. The protection against rot, mould and dehydration is the same as for all our tar colours. This softer black colour is suitable for modern wooden houses, but of course also for fences and boathouses, for example. Use black-brown tar on untreated wood or wood that has previously been painted with tar, mud paint or iron vitriol. If you are painting on planed wood, you need to dilute with 10–20% turpentine or alcohol. On the unplanned, just get started.

Stir thoroughly in the jar before painting, as the pigment easily settles to the bottom during storage. Also stir regularly while painting. Otherwise the colour may be uneven on the façade.


For new untreated wood and previously tarred wood:  Just brush off all dust and loose dust from the wood. Paint directly with pigmented wood tar or heated to about 50 ° C. Stir thoroughly before and during application as the pigment may sink to the bottom. We recommend 2 coats, as well as painting in thin layers. To avoid difference in hue; paint entire walls with the same jar or mix as much as you need in a larger jar. Do not paint in too thick layers, the tar is too much to paint with.

For previously mud-coloured wood:  Brush off all loose paint and pigments. Wash off any algae and mould growth and allow the wood to dry. Then follow the instructions above.

Log house or planed wood:  Same as for untreated wood solid dilution with an additional 10-20% balsamic turpentine.

Drying time:  Can be repainted after about 1-2 days. Dry from a few days to several weeks depending on the weather, planed or unplanned wood, type of wood, layer thickness of paint and how well the tar has been able to penetrate into the wood.

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