Rothoblaas Stainless Steel Screws SCI A2 5 x 60 Box of 200

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Box of 200

size 5 x 60

TX25 Torx

CI A2 | AISI305 is the** wood screw** for outdoor applications.

Thanks to the A2 | AISI305 stainless steel, it is the ideal screw for the construction of timber structures and claddings for façades or deckings in aggressive environments, such as marine environments.

SCI A2 | AISI305 wood screws, the screw for highly-corrosive outdoor environments.

The SCI A2 | AISI305 wood screw features a self-perforating tip with setback notch, a special asymmetric “umbrella” thread, an elongated cutter and sharp under-head ribs.

Its geometric details provide the screw with greater torsional strength for more secure screwing.

The A2 | AISI305 austenitic stainless steel ensures excellent resistance to corrosion, which makes it the ideal fastener for application in aggressive environments, such as those by the sea.

It can be used without pre-drilling on timber boards with a density of up to 470 kg/m3 and with pre-drilling on timber boards with maximum density of 620 kg/m3.

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