Svarttjara - Black Pine Tar

Size: 2.7L
Finish: Black Pine Tar
Sale price£81.84


"Auson Black Tar is the original for all black outdoor colours and gives a nice matte colour while protecting against rot, mould and dehydration. The classic black colour is perfect for modern wooden houses, fences or boathouses. You can use Svart tar on untreated wood and on wood that has previously been treated with tar, mud paint or iron vitriol. If you are painting on planed wood, you need to dilute with 10–20% turpentine or alcohol. On the unplanned, just get started.

Stir thoroughly in the jar before painting, as the pigment easily settles to the bottom during storage. Also stir regularly while painting. Otherwise the colour may be uneven on the façade."

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