Ljus Tjarolja - Light Pine Tar Oil

Size: 3L
Finish: Light Pine Tar
Sale price£70.36


"Light Tar oil is based on a very light mile-burnt wood tar that is extracted from tree stumps. Solvent is a fine balsamic turpentine that is also extracted from wood. Both of these ingredients in our tar oil come from natural processes and therefore do not contribute to the pollution of our environment.

Light Tar oil penetrates deep into the wood and prevents it from drying out and cracking. In dry and cracked wood, water can penetrate, which causes the wood to begin to rot. by preventing dehydration, decay is also prevented.

Another pleasant effect is that a patio treated with Light Tar Oil does not darken in the way we almost accepted as a necessary evil. That does not have to be the case! With this tar oil, you will get a nice grayish surface with a clear wood pattern, and which stays that way for several years. Even the wonderful tar scent stays for a long time, even if it diminishes over time"

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